Saturday, November 29

Haven't you heard? The 90's are back!

Middlesex Lounge, Tuesday December 2. Soul Clap and Co. are throwing a 90's jam this Tuesday, so those of you in the Boston area should mos def take an expedition into the recent past (which is shaping our future). One of Beantown's premier DJs, Soul Clap has had their hands involved in many different flavors of Boston nightlife. The Party Report is all for DJ culture in the Boston area, so go out and culture it! Entrance is free.

Friday, November 28

The Party Report: Turkey Techno

Tuesday, November 25th edition of the Party Report. Greetings, fellow partiers.
It has been something of a wait, but it is finally here- my first radio show post. Below is the track listing. This mix has two parts: this week's Seminal Seven (basically my own 'Top Ten Countdown', except there are seven) and my own continuous mix. Enjoy!