Wednesday, August 19

DOWNLOAD: Felix Da Housecat Remix by Yours Truly

Felix Da Housecat - We All Wanna Be Prince (Partyrep Rerub) by Partyreport

Check out my 1st serious attempt at production. My remix is a part of a competition, and you can help me out by simply downloading the track. Thanks for your support- Maybe you'll actually like it!

Also, If you are a Felix Da Housecat fan, Check out the boppernation website as well as the contest website.

Wednesday, May 20

The Party Report: Final Edition

Alas, my time as a DJ at WMFO has come to an end. Well, folks, it's been good. Classics, new tracks, and local favorites filled my final radio show. Thanks for all of your support, and I hope that it was worthwhile.


Thursday, April 30

Deep Sexy Nights

DJ Jeff started off spinning Rap & Hip-Hop during the early 80's, and it wasn't long before he began to pick up house music. Dottin was also a frequenter of spots such as Axis, Club M, Avalon, Paradise, and Loft at the time. He's spun at various locations in Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts, even spending some time as a radio DJ himself.
Deep house is a staple sub-genre in the world of electronic music that is often overlooked but never disrespected (I definitely haven't been exploring enough of it on-air). Partyreporters, I invite you to mellow out to DJ Jeff's Deep Sexy Nights-


Like what you hear? Catch DJ Jeff at the Channel Café on May 15th from 6-10 in the evening-

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Sunday, April 19

Inanna's Set

Well, party reporters, it seems that spring is finally in full swing. People have come out of their holes, weeds are shooting up beside flowers, and the winter coat is starting to collect dust. Last Tuesday Inanna visited the Party Report to share some words and music. For those of you who haven't done so already, ennnjoy.

  1. Carm - Map.Ache
  2. Paratroopa - Joris Delacroix
  3. Harzer Roller - Dominik Eulberg
  4. Rain Drops - Wes Straub (Inanna Remix) (La Folia Recordings)
  5. Music Box - Mathew Luetwyler (La Folia Recordings)
  6. Oiu Mais Non - Joris Delacroix
  7. Lonely One - Motor City Drum Ensemble
  8. Untitled A1 - Even Tuell
  9. Keepin Me (Fauna Flash remix) - Stereotyp
  10. Efrat - Shlomi Aber
  11. Lost Intention
  12. What I Fake (Sleeper Thief Remix) - Phonique
  13. Moment - Damiam Lazarus


Monday, April 13

TOMORROW: DJ Inanna comes to the Party Report

[Image not visible via Facebook application]

Hey there Party Reporters, at noontime tomorrow, April 14th, the Party Report will be fortunate enough to receive the astounding presence of DJ Inanna. She has already interviewed for SoulClap, but this time around she's fresh from the West Coast with new stories to tell, records to spin, and wisdom to part. Get your radio on tomorrow- La Folia Recordings will be in the building.

Tuesday, April 7

Tonight: The Bloody Beetroots Hit Beantown

[Flyer not visible is viewed via Facebook]

Although I have said in the past that I don't like L.A. hipsterism, I do like a good night out.

Sunday, April 5

Roots & Routes

As I have mentioned in the past, one of the aims of The Party Report is to support the local freeform radio community. Well, in order to accomplish this goal, The Party Report must occasionally venture beyond the world of Jackin' House & Pounding Techno music. Chris Hope, a DJ at Harvard's Hip-Hope Radio/The Darker Side on WHRB 95.3 FM, was able to snag an interview with Dr. Cornel West. Below are the YouTube videos to the interview. Chris and Dr. West really hit it off, making it an excellent opportunity to hear Dr. West's views on Hip-Hop, theology, philosophy, prison, Obama, and more. Get your enlightenment on!

follow hiphope!

Tuesday, March 31

Of Airdrop, Vinyl, and DFA

[Pic: Césaria Évora, the voice of the 1st track]
Greetings, Partyreporters. It has indeed been a while, but the station is back and packed with more flashing lights and plastic buttons than ever before. This week's mix featured some Airdrop tunes, DFA jams, and a few Africa-inspired tracks.

Cesaria Evora “Angola (Carl Craig Remix)” from Angola (Single, 2003) on Lusafrica

I Led 3 Lives “Curious Red (In Flagranti Mix)” from Nublu Dance (Compilation, 2009, added 03.03.2009) on Nublu Records

Marcel Wave “Kiwi Sunrise” from Airdrop Presents: Extraction U.S. (Compilation, 2009) on Airdrop

Hercules and Love Affair “Roar” from Hercules and Love Affair (Album, 2008) on dfa

Tiga “Pleasure from the Bass (Extended Mix)” from Pleasure From the Bass (Single) on Turbo Recordings

Lunatik “Randy” from Airdrop Presents: Extraction U.S. (Compilation, 2009) on Airdrop

Fase Music Sender “I Swim Slo” from Swim EP (Single, 2008) on Airdrop

Dilo “Post Vendaval” from Post Vendaval (Single, 2008) on Airdrop

Soulclap “Giraffe” from Giraffe LP (Single, 2008) on Airdrop

The Juan Maclean “Happy House” from Happy House (Single, 2008) on dfa

Hercules and Love Affair “Blind” from Hercules and Love Affair (Album, 2008) on dfa

Chromeo “Rage” from She's in control (Album, 2007) on vice

Kid Sister “Get Fresh” from Get Fresh (Single, 2009) on Fool's Gold

Aaron LaCrate “Oh My Gosh ft Mr. Vegas” from Oh My Gosh

Scottie B and King Tut “African Chant (Top Billin Remix)” from African Chant

Calvin Harris “I Am Not Alone (Extended Version)” from I Am Not Alone (Extended Version) (Single, 2009) on Fly Eye

Chaz Jankel “Get Myself Together (Hercules and Love Affair HercBump Remix)” from Get Myself Together (Single, 2009) on dfa

MSTRKRTFT “Bounce ft. N.O.R.E. (Radio Edit)” from Bounce LP (Single, 2008) on Dim Mak Records

Trackademicks “Enjoy What You Do (Radio Edit)” from Enjoy What You Do (Single, 2009) on Fool's Gold Records

Audio Bullys “We Don't Care” from Generation

Exile “Lullaby” from Sound In Color 12": Orange (EP) on Sound In Color


Tuesday, March 10

Live Fast, Die Young

Last Tuesday (March 10) saw DJ Die Young storm the WMFO studio with an explosive & eclectic mix of minimal, electro, pretend-trance and even Benny Benassi. Also, the interview is probably the funniest I have done so far, so don't skip through it!


  1. Thomas Bangalter - Club Soda
  2. Teletextile - Heartbreaker (DJ Die Young Remix)
  3. Clara Moto ft. Mimu - Silently
  4. Morgan Geist - Detroit
  5. DJ Die Young - [UNRELEASED]
  6. Lee Mortimer - Moaning & Groaning
  7. Jesse Ross - Pop Yer Porn
  8. Mylo - Otto's Journey
  9. Bottin - No Static (Club Version)
  10. Beni - My Love Sees You
  11. Martin Sloveig - I Want You (Mowgli Mix)
  12. TG - Mr. Dry
  13. DJ Blaqstarr ft. Rye Rye - Shake it to the Ground (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
  14. DJ Jonny Blaze vs Mike Mumbles - Black Sheep (Dave Chappelle)
  15. DJ Die Young - Owner
  16. Los Updates - It's Getting Late for Kicks
  17. Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Extended Mix)
  18. Beach House - You Came to Me (DJ Die Young Remix)
  19. Benny Benassi - I Am Not Drunk
And for those of you who took my advice, be sure to watch the end of this video:

[Video not viewable on Facebook application]

DJ Die Young Spins at High Noon

[Photo via Basstown via Ricardo De Lima]

TODAY, March 10, The Party Report will welcome one of Boston's finest, DJ Die Young. Listen live from 12noon through 2pm on!

Sunday, March 8

Maurice Fulton Tonight @ the Phoenix Landing

For those of you checking this post on Facebook (i.e. won't be able to see the awesome flyer) tonight (Sunday March 8) Maurice Fulton, DJ Jason B, and Brenden Wesley will be spinning at the Phoenix Landing.
Starts @ 9. Should be fun!

Maurice Space

Sunday, February 22

Brenden Wesley's Live Mix

On February 17th, Brenden Wesley rocked WMFO's Studio A with an eclectic (& a little bit hectic) mix of funk, disco, nu-disco, italo disco, acid house and even some reggae. He demonstrated some proper Dj craft and dropped a pair of exclusive tracks. Ennjoy!

Track List:

James Brown - Dead on It (U-turn disco edit)
Skyy - Skyzoo (Larry Levan Mix)
Moustache (La Stache) - Blackjoy
Strafe - Set if Off
Loud E - Au Paradise
Woolfy - The Warehouse (Lee Douglas Remix)
Maelstrom - Bab's Cabs (Disco edit of 'If You Want Me')
Creatures of Habit - Lustre (Runaway's Lust Mix) [UNRELEASED]
Daniel Wang - Echo by Midnight
Farley Funkin' Keith - The Acid Life (Ext. Version)
Slim - It's in the Mix (Chateau Flight Remix)
Da Rhythm - A Special Groove (Dub)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Palladium
Creatures of Habit - Lustre [Brenden Wesley orig.]
Third World - Now That We Found Love
In Flagranti - A Bag Mount


Check out his tracks on Amie Street.

Saturday, February 14

Brenden Wesley is coming this Tuesday!

This Tuesday, February 17th, The Party Report's airwaves will ooze the great sounds of Brenden Wesley. In one word, this sound is disco. While this dude can mix, to call Brenden only a DJ would not tell the full story. Dedicated to the local scene, Wesley also has his hands in producing, promoting, serious vinyl junkie-ing, and even drumming. That being said, Brenden has a couple of things that he's working on...

First is his release on Bostson's Headtune Recordings, 'New Wave Hookers'. Look out for another release on Solar Disco this spring. Then is his party on Sunday February 15th (see below), featuring the likes of Chris Devlin (Spank Rock), John Barera (FTW), DJ Knife (Marinate, Fresh Produce) and Brenden of course. Then, In couple of weeks he & DJ Supreme One will be starting a REAL Disco weekly, Disco Connection, at the Middlesex Lounge on Tuesdays. And lookout for Sunday's March 1st & 8th at the Phoenix Landing, which will feature Brenden alongside some veteran DJs, both of whom have links with DFA, one of my favourite labels.

Tune in this Tuesday @ from noon 'till 2!

Brenden's Myspace
Akult Disco
Metro article

Sunday, February 8

Wintertime Mix

It was rather snowy outside. PJ Gray, who DJs Galactic Fractures on Sundays, was unable to make it to his usually soul-filled show. I felt the need to help a DJ out, so I substituted for him.


Tuesday, February 3

TODAY: Paulo (Air)drops by the Party Report

Paulo Reachi (Airdrop Records) will stop by today at high noon to drop a mix of dopeness and speak the truth of minimal techno. Don't forget to tune in at

Monday, January 12

The Return of French Touch?

Could it be? Could it be that, after five years since it's death, the year 2009 will bring us a revival of the classic French Touch? Will we witness the return of stuttered and filtered disco samples, rubbery guitar basslines, and light synths? Well, if you travel the interweb in search of remnants of French House- older tracks from artists like The Buffalo Bunch, Raw Man, The Knight Club, Cassius and DJ Falcon, you will begin to see that some these webspaces, originally formed in tribute to French Touch, are now attracting DJs. New, never-before-heard-of miniature internet rogues, who spin the old French gospel, albeit sometimes with an Electro-tinge. Presenting...

Louis la Roche

The youngster received substantial blog hype the summer of 2008. The track playing in the interview "Love" was for a time rumored to be a Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) track.

Thony Ritz
Very dorky indeed, but I suppose you can't promote yourself strictly online. On a more serious note, check his remix of Louis la Roche. This one really takes you back a good 6 years in french house history.

Jean Moustache

A weirdo, still guerrilla-marketing himself the last time I checked. He proves himself in his summer Disco mix, not in a DFA-vinyl-digging way, but in a French-silliness way. Check it out.

The Phantom's Revenge
To my knowledge the most seasoned producer of the four, but doesn't seem to gather buzz the way Louis did. Notice how he plays more Electro as the crowd trickles in.

Will Daft Punk's possible incoming studio material tip the scales, providing these young DJs with a rallying point to a new age of French House while simultaneously ending the edgy, Justice-led Electro scene? If there is one thing that Daft Punk is very good at aside from music, it is timing.
To tie it all up, Solid Goldberger, THE blog that taught French House to the Electro kids via personal vinyl rips, recently announced a new record label headed by Eric Cherduville, Darling Records. Cherduville was involved in and produced alongside Guy-Man's (Daft Punk) record label, Crydamoure. Web 2.0, Justice, and Alive 2007 have given old French Touch the biggest following it has had in nearly a decade, and perhaps scenes are on the verge of a shift.