Wednesday, December 31

The Last Party Report of '08

Indeed, the year has come and gone in the blink of an eye. A black President of the United States of America, A shoe-assaulted President of the United States of America, a crumbling economy, and a Jamaican World Record Holder are a handful of the images that will be etched into the 2008 monolith. December 9th was The Party Report's last Radio Show of the year, and featured a live mix from DJ/Producer Oliver Huntemann for the Play! [Live] compilation series. Huntemann is a German DJ who actually used to breakdance back in the day (or so he claims). His style, which could be confused with minimal techno, sounds more like a techno-influenced-minimalized-electrohouse, if that makes sense to anyone. He likes to collaborate with Stephan Bodzin, who apparently enjoys DJing with this touch-screen interface device.


Monday, December 29

Will we ever see the old Kanye again?

Now, lets not take this post in the wrong light. There's nothing wrong with experimenting. One can't blame artists for being artists who create art. 'Pushing the boundaries' and 're-shaping the game' is not a sin. All things considered, you can't blame the man for being introspective in his latest album, '808's and Heartbreak.'

All I am saying is that I hope when Kanye West is ready to put down the Auto-Tune, he remembers what GOOD music is.

DJ Khaled - Grammy Family (Feat. Kanye West, Consequence And John Legend)

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Thursday, December 18

90's Day @ The Party Report

ell, well, well Party Reporters, the 90's Day @ Party Report was indeed a fun diversion into the recent past with the Yoyoyo 90's Jam @ the Middlesex Lounge as a swinging follow-up. Featured in December 2nd's radio show was Yoyoyo 90's Jam The Official Mixtape Volume 1: Party At Screech's, accompanied by a 90's-tinged Seminal Seven. By the by, there will be another 90's Jam on Friday the 19th at Z-Square in Harvard Square. House classics, all vinyl, all pajamas.

Be sure to endure the snow-

Want to know the names of the songs?

Sunday, December 7

Celebrating 50 Years of Bossa Nova

In celebration of half a century of Bossa Nova, one of Brazil's most popular music genres, The Party Report aired a show that featured all of the Bossa Nova classics, as well as other Brazil-inspired tunes both old and new. I was also fortunate enough to be able to interview Celia Bianconi,Tufts' Portuguese professor, alongside one of her students, Juliana. Below is a juuuuicy section of music followed by the interview itself. Vamos lá!

Want to know the names of the songs?