Wednesday, August 19

DOWNLOAD: Felix Da Housecat Remix by Yours Truly

Felix Da Housecat - We All Wanna Be Prince (Partyrep Rerub) by Partyreport

Check out my 1st serious attempt at production. My remix is a part of a competition, and you can help me out by simply downloading the track. Thanks for your support- Maybe you'll actually like it!

Also, If you are a Felix Da Housecat fan, Check out the boppernation website as well as the contest website.

Wednesday, May 20

The Party Report: Final Edition

Alas, my time as a DJ at WMFO has come to an end. Well, folks, it's been good. Classics, new tracks, and local favorites filled my final radio show. Thanks for all of your support, and I hope that it was worthwhile.


Thursday, April 30

Deep Sexy Nights

DJ Jeff started off spinning Rap & Hip-Hop during the early 80's, and it wasn't long before he began to pick up house music. Dottin was also a frequenter of spots such as Axis, Club M, Avalon, Paradise, and Loft at the time. He's spun at various locations in Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts, even spending some time as a radio DJ himself.
Deep house is a staple sub-genre in the world of electronic music that is often overlooked but never disrespected (I definitely haven't been exploring enough of it on-air). Partyreporters, I invite you to mellow out to DJ Jeff's Deep Sexy Nights-


Like what you hear? Catch DJ Jeff at the Channel Café on May 15th from 6-10 in the evening-

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Sunday, April 19

Inanna's Set

Well, party reporters, it seems that spring is finally in full swing. People have come out of their holes, weeds are shooting up beside flowers, and the winter coat is starting to collect dust. Last Tuesday Inanna visited the Party Report to share some words and music. For those of you who haven't done so already, ennnjoy.

  1. Carm - Map.Ache
  2. Paratroopa - Joris Delacroix
  3. Harzer Roller - Dominik Eulberg
  4. Rain Drops - Wes Straub (Inanna Remix) (La Folia Recordings)
  5. Music Box - Mathew Luetwyler (La Folia Recordings)
  6. Oiu Mais Non - Joris Delacroix
  7. Lonely One - Motor City Drum Ensemble
  8. Untitled A1 - Even Tuell
  9. Keepin Me (Fauna Flash remix) - Stereotyp
  10. Efrat - Shlomi Aber
  11. Lost Intention
  12. What I Fake (Sleeper Thief Remix) - Phonique
  13. Moment - Damiam Lazarus


Monday, April 13

TOMORROW: DJ Inanna comes to the Party Report

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Hey there Party Reporters, at noontime tomorrow, April 14th, the Party Report will be fortunate enough to receive the astounding presence of DJ Inanna. She has already interviewed for SoulClap, but this time around she's fresh from the West Coast with new stories to tell, records to spin, and wisdom to part. Get your radio on tomorrow- La Folia Recordings will be in the building.

Tuesday, April 7

Tonight: The Bloody Beetroots Hit Beantown

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Although I have said in the past that I don't like L.A. hipsterism, I do like a good night out.