Monday, January 12

The Return of French Touch?

Could it be? Could it be that, after five years since it's death, the year 2009 will bring us a revival of the classic French Touch? Will we witness the return of stuttered and filtered disco samples, rubbery guitar basslines, and light synths? Well, if you travel the interweb in search of remnants of French House- older tracks from artists like The Buffalo Bunch, Raw Man, The Knight Club, Cassius and DJ Falcon, you will begin to see that some these webspaces, originally formed in tribute to French Touch, are now attracting DJs. New, never-before-heard-of miniature internet rogues, who spin the old French gospel, albeit sometimes with an Electro-tinge. Presenting...

Louis la Roche

The youngster received substantial blog hype the summer of 2008. The track playing in the interview "Love" was for a time rumored to be a Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) track.

Thony Ritz
Very dorky indeed, but I suppose you can't promote yourself strictly online. On a more serious note, check his remix of Louis la Roche. This one really takes you back a good 6 years in french house history.

Jean Moustache

A weirdo, still guerrilla-marketing himself the last time I checked. He proves himself in his summer Disco mix, not in a DFA-vinyl-digging way, but in a French-silliness way. Check it out.

The Phantom's Revenge
To my knowledge the most seasoned producer of the four, but doesn't seem to gather buzz the way Louis did. Notice how he plays more Electro as the crowd trickles in.

Will Daft Punk's possible incoming studio material tip the scales, providing these young DJs with a rallying point to a new age of French House while simultaneously ending the edgy, Justice-led Electro scene? If there is one thing that Daft Punk is very good at aside from music, it is timing.
To tie it all up, Solid Goldberger, THE blog that taught French House to the Electro kids via personal vinyl rips, recently announced a new record label headed by Eric Cherduville, Darling Records. Cherduville was involved in and produced alongside Guy-Man's (Daft Punk) record label, Crydamoure. Web 2.0, Justice, and Alive 2007 have given old French Touch the biggest following it has had in nearly a decade, and perhaps scenes are on the verge of a shift.