Sunday, April 19

Inanna's Set

Well, party reporters, it seems that spring is finally in full swing. People have come out of their holes, weeds are shooting up beside flowers, and the winter coat is starting to collect dust. Last Tuesday Inanna visited the Party Report to share some words and music. For those of you who haven't done so already, ennnjoy.

  1. Carm - Map.Ache
  2. Paratroopa - Joris Delacroix
  3. Harzer Roller - Dominik Eulberg
  4. Rain Drops - Wes Straub (Inanna Remix) (La Folia Recordings)
  5. Music Box - Mathew Luetwyler (La Folia Recordings)
  6. Oiu Mais Non - Joris Delacroix
  7. Lonely One - Motor City Drum Ensemble
  8. Untitled A1 - Even Tuell
  9. Keepin Me (Fauna Flash remix) - Stereotyp
  10. Efrat - Shlomi Aber
  11. Lost Intention
  12. What I Fake (Sleeper Thief Remix) - Phonique
  13. Moment - Damiam Lazarus


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