Wednesday, December 31

The Last Party Report of '08

Indeed, the year has come and gone in the blink of an eye. A black President of the United States of America, A shoe-assaulted President of the United States of America, a crumbling economy, and a Jamaican World Record Holder are a handful of the images that will be etched into the 2008 monolith. December 9th was The Party Report's last Radio Show of the year, and featured a live mix from DJ/Producer Oliver Huntemann for the Play! [Live] compilation series. Huntemann is a German DJ who actually used to breakdance back in the day (or so he claims). His style, which could be confused with minimal techno, sounds more like a techno-influenced-minimalized-electrohouse, if that makes sense to anyone. He likes to collaborate with Stephan Bodzin, who apparently enjoys DJing with this touch-screen interface device.


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